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Architecture Barcelona: Gaudi (and more)

Architecture Barcelona is well-known like capital of the modernism. The city, in which architect Antonio Gaudí lived and worked counts on some of his more excellent works, than attracts every year million visitors worldwide. Most representative it is the Expiatorio Temple of the Sagrada Family, who Gaudí left unfinished and that is continued constructing in the same way that the cathedrals in the Average Age, with particular donativos and contributions.

gaudiOn the basis of modern means of construction, its completion is predicted towards year 2020. Others of works more known Gaudí are the Güell Park (Parc Güell), the Milà House, also denominated "the Stone quarry", and the Batlló House. In addition to works of Gaudí, Barcelona counts on other jewels of the Catalan modernismo like the Hospital of San Pablo and the Palace of the Catalan Music of Lluís Domènech i Montaner, or the Macaya Palace and many other works of Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

The Sagrada Family, Barcelona. Apart modernist works, Barcelona also counts on excellent works pertaining to other styles and historical periods. Within the medieval period they emphasize specially gothic works that they proliferate in its historical center, indeed denominated "Gothic District" like the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia. In this same style the Church of Santa Maria of the Sea, characterized by its austerity and harmony in the measures is framed, that are considered by required muchos the gothic most outstanding work of the Catalan. Also it has different samples from contemporary architecture.

It emphasizes the German Pavilion of Ludwig Mies go to der Rohe, that was constructed in the occasion of the Exhibition the International of the 1929, like the Foundation Joan Watched of the Catalan architect Josep Lluís Sert. Years later, in the occasion of the Olympic Games of 1992, the city lived a stage of great transformations that gave rise to works as the Palace of sports Sant Jordi de Arata Isozaki, the Tower of Collserola de Norman Foster and the Tower of Montjuic of Santiago Calatrava. Before the Games also it was carried out the remodeling and extension of the Airport of Barcelona, that directed Ricardo Bofill.

In the post-Olympic stage the city has continued maintaining a development architectonic, constructing buildings like the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) of Richard Meier, the Tower Agbar de Jean Nouvel, and the projects of a new station in the Sagrera with a skyscraper, or the Tower of the Railway Triangle of Frank Gehry. Other performances have been carried out with reason del Universal Fórum for the Cultures, like the Fórum Building de Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron.

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