jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

Weekend in Barcelona

The images are of the great protagonists of this weekend, already are in photographic form like in drawing. But there are many more options to spend a weekend active! This weekend, the cultural proposals of the city grant an unquestionable protagonism to the images, or in the form of photography, drawings or in cinematographic format. Even so, also you will find other activities in the city for all the tastes and ages.
Of the photography to the drawing The lovers and fans to the photography will not doubt in visiting the international exhibition " World Press Photo" , in the CCCB, that arrives by fifth consecutive year at the city with 199 photographies that look for the pulse the world. Daily images of conflict, lives, sports, pictures or artistic photographies are some of the categories of the sample that this year has as winning the photography of Anthony Suau for Time, anticipadora of the present economic crisis. If what you prefer is the drawing and the painting, we propose to you that you see the exhibition " Secret images.
Picasso and the erotic stamp japonesa" , that shows for the first time nineteen Japanese stamps that belonged to the artist. These pieces have a discussion with the erotic engravings of Picasso, in a exhibition with more than one hundred works.
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martes, 7 de julio de 2009

Barcelona's airport

Aena has opening a new terminal which is set to be a great communications hub and a great service area, consolidating Barcelona's position as an exemplary airport within the Mediterranean and the south of Europe.

  • In order to arrive:
The airport of Barcelona is located the southwest of the Condal City, between the municipal terms of Pra de Llobregat, Viladecans and Sant Boi. New terminal T1 is located the south of the T2, between the two parallel tracks. It is possible to be arrived at her by means of particular vehicle, taxi, bus and Neighborhoods the RENFE.

If it accedes by means of particular vehicle from Barcelona by the C-31 it must continue by the same until the deflection that takes to the T1. If it accedes from Castelldefels, before the deflection to the present terminals it must take the B-22 deflection, that takes to the T1. If it accedes from Barcelona by the C-32B, it connects with the C-31, Castelldefels direction, and next it follows by the same until the B-22 deflection, that takes to the T1. If it accedes to the T1 in taxi it has two shutdowns located in the avenue of exits.

If it accedes by means of bus has several regular lines of urban and interurban buses, discretionary buses, regional lines and the Airbus. The service of train will operate, initially, through the station of Neighborhoods of the T2. Shuttle will be had a bus that will cover the distance between the station and the T1, agreeing with the arrival of the trains. The time of the route will not surpass the 10 minutes. If it accedes from Barcelona it has North the C2 line. Also it has the C2 line that covers the route Sant Vicenç-Vilanova-El Prat-Maçanet. In the station of Neighborhoods the RENFE of the Prat de Llobregat'll have, also, a bus shuttle that will cover the route until the T1. The new T1 is also prepared for the arrival of line 9 of Meter, that at the moment is in construction.

  • In order to leave:

The exit of the new T1 is realised through a space that is known like the Place, holding point for the companions. One is the nexus of union between the T1, the public parking, the intermodal lobby and the services of taxi, bus, shuttle and rent of vehicles. In order to arrive at the public parking, the passenger who disembarks must locate the room of collection of luggage. If its origin corresponds to a country nonSchengen it will be forced to pass the passport control before acceding to the room of collection. If its origin is a Schengen country, in his route towards the exit it will happen through the Sky Centre, an amplest commercial space and of restoration; next, he will arrive at the zone of collection of luggage. The room of collection is common for all the flights, as much of Schengen origin as nonSchengen. After leaving this zone, one enters the Place, separated of the collection of luggage only by an opaque crystal wall. According to advance, the passenger will find in first term and to both sides mechanical inclines and elevators to descend to the taxi stand. If he continues, he will find the inclines to lower to the zone of buses and shuttles.

More information about Barcelona airport, here.