jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

Weekend in Barcelona

The images are of the great protagonists of this weekend, already are in photographic form like in drawing. But there are many more options to spend a weekend active! This weekend, the cultural proposals of the city grant an unquestionable protagonism to the images, or in the form of photography, drawings or in cinematographic format. Even so, also you will find other activities in the city for all the tastes and ages.
Of the photography to the drawing The lovers and fans to the photography will not doubt in visiting the international exhibition " World Press Photo" , in the CCCB, that arrives by fifth consecutive year at the city with 199 photographies that look for the pulse the world. Daily images of conflict, lives, sports, pictures or artistic photographies are some of the categories of the sample that this year has as winning the photography of Anthony Suau for Time, anticipadora of the present economic crisis. If what you prefer is the drawing and the painting, we propose to you that you see the exhibition " Secret images.
Picasso and the erotic stamp japonesa" , that shows for the first time nineteen Japanese stamps that belonged to the artist. These pieces have a discussion with the erotic engravings of Picasso, in a exhibition with more than one hundred works.
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